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Do you ever think about the angels?

Do you wonder if you can communicate with the angelic realm?

A lot of people shut themselves off to the possibility of communicating with the angels. The reasons for this are usually one or more of the following:

1. They believe they are not equipped with the skills to connect with the angels and hence do not feel confident about communicating with them.

2. They believe they are not pure enough to connect with angelic energy.

3. They believe that they must have tangible experiences in order to connect with the angels.

4. They harbour a fear of connecting with higher realms of energy. They believe that negative forces will approach them in the disguise of angels and have them fooled.

Let us look into each of these factors separately.

Lack of Confidence

If you do not feel confident about communicating with the angels, you must gently ask yourself- “Why not?” It is possible for each and every one of us to communicate with the angels. When I communicated with the angels for the first time, I was not even attuned to Reiki yet. Being on the Reiki path makes it even easier for us to communicate with them.

Regular Reiki practice helps open the Third Eye chakra, which in turn makes it much easier for us to communicate with the angels. So, if you are a Reiki practitioner, allow Reiki to support you. You don’t need any special qualifications in order to feel confident. Know that you can communicate!

Lack of Purity

Some believe that they may not be pure enough to connect with the angels. It is important for us to know that no one who lives on Earth is hundred percent pure or holy. The dual nature of the Earth plane makes it impossible for one to be purity personified. The angels do not expect us to be pure before we connect with them.

In fact, the reverse is true. When we connect with the angels, their loving energy purifies us and lifts our own vibration higher. It helps us release many of the patterns that have kept our vibration low and upgrades our consciousness to higher and purer levels. So, please don’t wait until you are pure. Just go for it right this moment, exactly as you are, flaws and all!

Proof of Tangibility

Some block their ability to communicate because they seek an element of tangibility in their interaction with the angels. For instance, some people might believe that unless an angel actually appears before them in recognisable form, they are not really connecting with them. Or they may feel the need to witness dramatic changes and miraculous healings in order to feel a deeper connection with the angels.

The tangible nature of the physical world leads many of us to presume that the same must hold true for the world of energy. However, the working of energy is more often subtle than dramatic. The presence of the angels is most often sweet and subtle.

The same holds true for Reiki. Most of us can feel and sense Reiki but not always see it. Besides, rarely do we get to witness dramatic shifts on the Reiki path. Miracles are most often orchestrated in steps. We take one step and then we are led to the next step and the next, until one day when we look back, we understand the miracles that Reiki helped us create.

The same holds true for the angels. They do not have to appear before us in recognisable form in order for us to communicate with them. They can be with us energetically, every moment, if we allow them to. And in hindsight we recognise all the miracles that unfolded along the way.

When we view ourselves as bundles of energy encapsulated in a physical body, it may help us understand that the angels can be with us as an energetic presence as well. So, open up to their presence!

Fear of Negative Energies

This is a very common fear. People who wish to communicate with the angels often worry that they may be contacted by negative energies pretending to be angels. As Reiki healers, it is important for us to be fearless and to stay committed to maintaining our vibration at the highest level possible. When we are very aware and vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, there is no question of any negative energy approaching us.

Often, this negative energy is nothing but the voice of our own egoic self. As we raise our vibration, the egoic self starts losing its grip and this is then perceived as negative energy. There may be other negative energy forms not associated with our egoic self but we do not have to feed these forms by thinking about them. They are not our concern. We keep our focus only on the light and we intend to connect only with the light. If the thought of negative forces and energies crosses our mind, we don’t freeze in fear. Instead, we send love and light to it and request Divine energy to take care of it. We set a clear intention to communicate only with the highest and purest of angelic energies. So, relax and communicate fearlessly!

In conclusion, it is vital for us to know that there is no place for doubt or fear on the healer’s path.

When we put our doubts and fears aside and listen to our intuition and higher wisdom, communicating with the angels is a real possibility for every one of us. The angels wish to connect with more and more amongst us. So, let us open our hearts to let them in!

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