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Ways to Improve Your Reiki Practice

1) Improve Your Reiki Practice by Using Reiki on Yourself Daily

Reiki is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it may become. And using Reiki on yourself daily is just one way to improve your overall inner Reiki practice. Here come seven more strategies that can help you improve your practice and overcome challenges.

2) Receive Reiki from Others

In rare cases when practitioners may feel like their Reiki energy is not as vibrant as usual, they could be experiencing an energy stagnation or block in their systems for one reason or another, as life happens to everyone. While self-Reiki is an incredibly useful tool for keeping the energy strong, receiving hands-on Reiki from others also can be a powerful solution to help unblock and revitalize stagnant energy.

3) Let Reiki do the Healing

Reiki encourages one’s own healing to happen, with practitioners merely serving as vessels through which the energy flows. When practitioners become overly vested in the outcome of treating a particularly close friend or family member, they may forget that Reiki and that person’s higher self is in charge. This can leave the practitioner with fatigue. Let go of the outcome and let Reiki do its work. As an intelligent healing energy, it knows exactly where to go, what to do and how to do it.

4) Think Community, Not Competition

Reiki is not a cut-throat field riddled with fierce competition. If your hackles rise when more Reiki practitioners or services arrive in your area, take a deep breath and be grateful instead. Be thankful more and more people are becoming interested and involved in Reiki.

Keep in mind there is a much greater need for healing than there are Reiki practitioners who can offer it. Your own practice is more apt to remain stable and strong if you welcome other Reiki practitioners with an open heart.

5) Price Services Fairly

Giving away your services for free may seem like a great idea, but it also can create a feeling of indebtedness in the recipient. This can lead to guilt and mar future sessions. A good guideline is to price your Reiki sessions around the same amount people would pay locally for a massage. You can start off with a lower price, increasing it as your experience, knowledge, skill and reputation grows.

6) Set Your Intention

If you believe your Reiki business is going to fail, there’s a good chance it will. Truly and strongly believe it will thrive, and there’s a good chance it will. The mind is like a giant magnet that attracts reality that matches your thoughts. Decide you are going to create a successful Reiki practice, that you are worthy of doing so, and the many people you benefit will easily outweigh any challenges you encounter creating it.

7) Get Rid of Selfishness

If you’re practicing Reiki in a selfish way, with your only goal as making money or gaining control or prestige, then you’re likely to have a tough time establishing a thriving practice. You may have an even tougher time getting help from your spirit guides, angels and your own higher self that could otherwise assist with clients and your overall practice. Go back to your intention, ensuring it has a strong spiritual basis, and these higher sources of help may be readily available to assist in any way they can.

8) Practice Self-Care

Keeping your Reiki energy strong, your intention spiritual and selflessness in your heart goes a long way toward enhancing any Reiki practice. As long as you also remember to take care of other aspects of your being. This can be done with adequate sleep, a healthy diet, balanced workload and taking time to engage in other activities that you enjoy such as meditation, yoga, exercise and, most importantly, a daily dose of gratitude.

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