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Reiki the Fingers to Heal Emotions

Reiki being a holistic healing technique can also help you to heal on an emotional level.

The fingers represent the five elements of the body, which in turn associated with emotions.

I believe Reiki helps you to heal the emotions by channelling it to the associated fingers because of the connection between finger-elements-emotions.

If you are affected or overpowered by any emotions just give Reiki to the corresponding finger accordingly. Cover your finger with other hand completely and channel the energy with the intent that it brings balance to the element for the greatest good.

Do it on the fingers of both hands.

The same process can be used while doing a Reiki session. We can check the behavioural pattern of the receiver before beginning the session. If possible start the session by giving Reiki to the concerned fingers first and then carry on with the remaining.

One of the best things with Reiki is experimenting. Following are the basic list of the emotions which we face in day to day life and are connected to the fingers and elements but you can make your own list by working on it.

Worry – Thumb – Fire Sadness, Grief, Depression – Index Finger – Air / Metal Impatience, Carelessness – Middle Finger – Ether / Space / Akash Temper, Tantrum – Ring Finger – Earth / Wood Fear – Little Finger – Water

Just try it and experience the difference that will give you inspiration to continue and to explore further.

Ensure to surrender yourself to the divine loving energy while doing Reiki.

Stay Blessed! Love and Light!

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