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How Can Reiki Changes Our Life

Reiki Changes Our Life

After study and teaching Reiki almost 16 years in my life , i found that reiki proudly changes our life on going be better and healthy . I experienced the wonderful events brought on by the expectation love of the universe in myself . No one will deny the humbling power of the universal energy that celebrates our connection to everything around us, however too often we impose crippling restrictions and limitations onto ourselves due to our fears; of failure, abandonment, pain or even success. Reiki can diminish and destroy these fears. It can highlight our connection and our love to ourselves, our planet and our universe.

When Reiki Chooses You

When Reiki chooses you (for it surely does,) it can often be overwhelming at first. In my experience, there is not a single moment in which you consciously decide to become a Reiki practitioner to helping up yourself and others mostly as your family members . It seems more like a small spiritual tap on the shoulder that increases steadily until you can no longer brush it off. Almost without fail, my students will begin our first conversation with, “well I don’t know how I got here , just follow the flow of my own energy or feelings , but….” With Reiki, once the path that we are to tread becomes obvious, the next part of the journey has begun.

When approaching Reiki training, students must be made aware of how the pre-attunement cleansing and healing process may affect their lives. A simple and effective way to increase this awareness is to keep a comprehensive journal from around a month or so before the attunement day. The reason for this is simple – there are events and occurrences occurring that might not seem significant at the time, but in the coming months their significance will become apparent and extremely valuable.

To this day I still refer to my personal notes and look back on my wonderful journals to see if they can provide an insight or perspective into my life today. This leads to the most fundamental of changes when you attune to Reiki and make the commitment to hold it in your heart and use it in your life: your perspective changes. You now have the ability that was always available, but usually hidden – you can now look at life from a different angle.

Becoming Free of your emotional

This opens many new doors for you on emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. You have the ability to see petty grievances for what they are and not allow them to cloud your emotions. To see through minutiae of the daily grind that clogs up the mind, and free yourself from that “active laziness” – where we pile up the useless, everyday, meaningless problems that stop us from seeing the bigger picture and fulfilling our spiritual potential. For all of us, when we start on this path of healing and love, we are free.

The Blessings of Reiki

The blessings of Reiki are many and they constantly evolve, but those most obvious are the re-awakened perspective on our own purpose and the clarity of thought and action that ultimately validates our natural ability to heal and be healed. The knowledge gained with the use of Reiki of our natural healing abilities is the true blessing of Reiki – this is the ultimate gift that is bestowed through this experience. With time and experience of this knowledge we can begin to develop the wisdom of our life purpose and carry on along our spiritual paths. And all of this begins with a simple change of perspective.

Spiritual Growth with Reiki

Reiki has direct linkage with spiritual growth of a person. It is the most important factor in learning Reiki and practicing it. Reiki is a powerful tool for holistic healing of a person. In simple words, it can be termed as ‘Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy’. The energy or Chi is guided by the highest power in the universe.

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