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Branding Cheat Sheet ( 2 )

Now you know the gist, it’s time to get to work executing a plan. Keep this cheat sheet by your side as you do to make sure you stay on course and have easy access to all the resources and tips you need to succeed.

Glossary of Terms Brand – Your brand is your company’s ‘identity’. This incorporates everything that will make your business unique and that will provide a cohesive service and experience for your customers.

Logo – This is the image that you will use almost like a ‘calling card’. It will incorporate your company name in most cases and should evoke your mission statement. Mission Statement – This is a few sentences that will express what your company aims to achieve and how you aim to achieve it.

This isn’t what your company does but why and how it does it. Trademark – A trademark is a type of intellectual property protection that will ensure no one else can use your company name or your logo.

You always need to ensure that your name isn’t already trademarked and it’s worth applying for a trademark for your company.


Follow these steps to create and promote your brand:

- Choose a mission statement

- Come up with a name

- Check it isn’t already trademarked

- Think about SEO

- Look to see if the domain name is free

- Create a logo

- Make sure it is versatile

- Build a website and use the logo to inspire the design

- You might even want to create your own ‘design language’

- Create any additional materials you might need

- Mascot (not always suitable) Jingle - Video opener

- Cover image

- Background image

- Consider making multiple different brands for your products

- Find ways to fulfil your mission statement and win your audience’s trust

- Build brand awareness and a following through

- A blog

- Social media

Use reputation management to keep your brand healthy

If you experience bad press, consider a rebrand

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