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Speaking Your Truth

Speaking Your Truth – Releasing Your Fears

Once you begin to practice love, forgiveness, and alignment, you can more easily start speaking your truth. And, it is by speaking your truth that you ignite and fortify your power . . . at last. Your power.

To speak your truth is to find your power. By this point, you may have had inklings about what your power is, but may not yet fully trust in it or believe in it. Or, you may continue to cling to old fear‐based notions of how you think you’re supposed to act, who you’re supposed to be and what you are supposed to say.

Recognizing Fear

Ah, yes. Fear. We give it so much power. We give it our power . . . undeservedly so. The reason is that fear is like a shape shifter. It does not always appear the way we think it will. Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s fear. But, other times, it comes masquerading as anger, worry, jealousy, low self‐esteem, arrogance, manipulation, victim mentality, and even self‐righteousness. The first trick, however, is remembering that, at its core, it’s all fear. The second is knowing that it’s also a choice: do you wish to be manipulated or controlled by it or do you wish to live free of it and experience an authentic life? Like love, the choice is simple. But also like love, if you choose to be free and authentic, it takes time, patience and trust.

Releasing Your Fears

To release your fears, it is best to learn from them and, ultimately, to transform and transmute them into something more positive. To do otherwise, only postpones the inevitable. Because, at some point, it will all boomerang back to us. And, having been unresolved the first (or second or third) time, it returns in a stronger and more direct fear‐filled scenario demanding our attention once again.

Releasing your fears can be done in several ways ‐ by taking small baby steps (e.g., saying “no”, speaking up in a work meeting or expressing an opinion to someone you find intimidating) or by taking a quantum leap (e.g., leaving your career to follow a path you’ve always desired). The point is you get to choose. Whatever your choice, you have the opportunity to set the scene and play the starring role in the cinematic production called “your life.”

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