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But let's be clear: Reiki is not magic but is one of the tools simple and easier to practice to improve your health .

Reiki practice accelerates the natural course of healing by making it easier for your body to self heal. Reiki helps us get (our minds) out of the way so we can heal on every level.

Now I'm not dissing magic. Not at all.

But while many people LOVE magic, others are turned off.

So if you want to reach more people -- especially mainstream people and healthcare professionals -- you're wise to avoid mixing Reiki and magic.

Reiki Practice: Magic or Medicine? will help you keep your Reiki enthusiasm intact while giving the mainstream public--and doctors and nurses--a plausible model for why Reiki practice makes such a profound difference in your health and well-being.

You will leave with more clarity and a deeper understanding of:

  • the value of Reiki practice in your own health care

  • the unique benefits Reiki brings to medical settings

  • research and its relevance to Reiki practice, and

  • how to interest lay people and medical professionals in Reiki practice.

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