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Causing you Stress

In life there are multiple things that cause us to live a stressed out and overly executed life, but I believe that everything that we say causes us stress can be summed up into three main categories. These three categories are crucial to understand because for me they’ve become the reason that I can avoid and remove stress. Like any problem, issue, or disease the only way that we can remove it is to understand where it comes from, and to me it is ridiculous that we spend so much time talking about techniques to deal with stress. Yet no one actually spends the proper amount of time working to understand where it is coming from in their lives.

1. Work. The first major place that stress is going to come from is work. No matter what you do stress is going to start to creep up with you when you are at work. You don’t even need to physically be there you can feel stressed about work from the comfort of your own home. I say that there should be NOTHING in work that is able to cause stress to you.

If you think you are going to be fired, you think something isn’t working, or anything else you need to stop. Even if you lose your job, you’ll be unemployed and stressed out and that is going to help no one. What I like to do to combat things that stress me out at work is to take into account what is actually happening. Is it really that big of a deal, will it affect me in a couple days, or will it lead to any real changes. No matter what the answer you need to remember that today will end and tomorrow will start, and if you carry stress into the workplace you’re going to be helping no one and just hurting yourself. No matter what the problem is step back, take it into perspective, and understand you’ll probably be able to fix it if you just relaxed a bit.

2.People. People are inevitably going to give you stress and for this one I’m going to have to divide it into two parts. People you can walk away from, and people that matter too much to move from. The first one is simple to deal with, and it is simply the idea that if someone is annoying you and causing you to be stressed out, walk away. Even if you work with them, even if you’re apart of their team, and even if they are critical to the company just walk away. You don’t need to tell them they’re bothering you or cause a scene, just take a few minutes and move to another place in the company.

It will help you cool down and make sure you aren’t getting to stressed out. The second part of this is those that you love and can’t move away from for some reason. Dealing with them is a little bit harder because walking away is not going to work. You can try it, but at the end of the day they’ll realize and most likely follow you out. I recommend that you try to minimize this stress. At the end of the day kids will bring stress, your spouse is bound to annoy you, and it isn’t like you can just walk off every time something isn’t working. I recommend that you stop and try to deal with this stress through education. Tell them point blank that they are stressing you out, hurting you, causing you pain, or just plain annoying. Even if these are your kids, tell them the truth, you don’t have to sugar coat things for them. Honey your stressing daddy out, STOP IT! Be blunt and hones, you’ll prepare them for the real world and help yourself out.

3. Events, Parties, and other occasions. This the last thing I like to say brings stress to people because it is something that everyone deals with. Having to go to events, parties, and activities are not something that everyone enjoys or is good at, and it can bring them a lot of stress. For this one I recommend a simple these, “What’s the best thing that can HAPPEN!” Not the worst, the best. If you approach these things with this line you will help yourself to do a lot more things, and never be stressed out. You have to give a speech and you are terrified of public speaking, “What’s the best thing that can happen?” Simple you could nail the speech, get a book deal, and go on to become rich and famous.

Overall these are the three things that I think most of the stress in our lives is drawn from, and at the end of the day the only way that we can work to get over stress is to understand where it is coming from, and cut that. Good Luck, and happy de-stressing!

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