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How Susan received Reiki to help with fatigue

Susan had been a pediatric nurse for twenty years. She deeply loved caring for children but lately had to admit that fatigue was creeping into her days and keeping her from enjoying her time away from the hospital. Two of her nurse colleagues had recently learned to practice Reiki and kept offering her a session. She didn't know why she felt shy about it, but when nothing else relieved this relentless tiredness, she decided to accept their invitation.

Her colleagues came to her home to give her Reiki one Friday night. They made her promise to let herself sleep until she awakened on her own the next morning. There wasn't much morning left when she woke up after 12 hours of the deepest sleep she could remember. Caroline called her friends to thank them, saying, "It's as if my body had forgotten how to sleep well and the Reiki reminded it."

The next week, Susan witnessed something that made her think more seriously about learning to practice Reiki herself. A young boy with sickle cell anemia was writhing and screaming, racked with the intense pain that accompanies this condition and often doesn't respond to medication. Her colleagues placed their hands on the boy and within five minutes, he was sleeping peacefully, his body completely relaxed.

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