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Going home should be a calming time, but the simple truth is that you’re most likely going to get more stressed out when you finally arrive. Dishes to do, a home to clean, kids to worry about, and a spouse that may just want to sit with you. It’s hard to do everything and it is not always a fun thing to do, going home, but we can relax a little while we are doing everything.

1. Listen to something. If you ever find yourself doing a task that doesn’t require your full attention you should be listening to something. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, or anything of this nature requires only a little percent of your attention span. Don’t waste that time, instead destress your mind and travel to another world. Put on a book, a song, or something that will challenge your mind to think of something new instead of just, “does this shirt needing ironing?”

2. It’s called parent time. Ok this idea is one that can work if done right. Here’s how it works you tell you kids that they have 30 mins to do something, they can’t talk to you about it, and have to focus on getting it done for 30 mins. If you are able to get it to work you train your child to be productive and learn to focus, and you get 30 minutes of peace. Otherwise, put on an educational app and say play, you have about 22–32 minutes before they get bored or have a question.

3. Don’t bring work home with you. This is a tough idea for a lot of people to understand. Work happens when you are at work, and just because you have your work on the go now does not mean you need to get it done at home. If you can’t get what you need to get done at work either you aren’t being productive and selective with your time, you have to much work being given to you, or you need to ask for a raise. That being said though find ways to block out your time, and remember that work should not intrude on your life. Turn your home office into a gym, into a play room for the kids, or a home theater, and don’t spend all your free time at home doing your work.

Okay, these things are obviously a little easier said than done, but if you devote some time to not taking your work home with you, to teaching your kids to focus, and invest in your well being than you are going to live a much less stressed out life.

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