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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Sharing time from one of the master reiki and my story

Reiki Master I know accidentally caught her hand in a metal door and badly broke 4 fingers. She gave her hand Reiki on the way to the hospital and in the waiting room. By the time she had the x-rays done it showed her badly mangled fingers all the bones had perfectly realigned and were in proper place. The Dr didn't need to set the bones only placed a cast on.

I am a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and I worked on a client this summer who badly broke her wrist in several places and required surgery. We gave her mini 30 minute sessions twice a week focusing in only on her hand and wrist. Her wrist healed in record time and best of all she didn't require surgery! It blew her and her surgeon away.

So yes you can work on broken bones!

My sharing :

My father also almost same but finger thumb caught in car door .

I did healing in 5mins with both palms covered his finger thumb quickly, pain release and purple color on his finger lesser , recovered in one day with totally no more pain and finger can move in normal .

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